30 Oct

Albania Elections

Elections in Albania

The Albanian political scene continues to be even slightly uncertain and unstable. In the aftermath of the electoral reform, small Albanian parties are trying to get closer to the increasingly large coalitions, to avoid exiting completely from the political scene. This is causing slow political forces after long breaks and divisions.

The Albanian political scene is undergoing a moment, making Albania relive the images of the 90s, when Prime Minister Sali Berisha was constantly accompanied by his advisor Genc Pollo. After a separation that lasted more than 9 years, Berisha and chicken have finally decided to mend relations around the same party, the PD, which had broken in 1999, when Chicken has tried to take control of the direction of party. This attempt failed, Genc Pollo, and some members of the PD, decided to found a new party, that of the Reformers. For years, these two parties have fought among themselves, and during the clash ltime, in the years 2002-2004, Pollo seeks a strange coalition with the Socialist government of Fatos Nano to participate in the governance of the country, openly expressing their collaboration with the Socialists dismissal by the interests of the right. You must admit, however, that recent years have not been much bearing on the Reform Party, having lost one of its members, Nardi Ndoka – passed in 2005 by the Christian Democrat Party – and increasingly weakening, with a sharp decline in participation and consensus since the early years of its foundation.

Albania Elections

It was a long and inexorable descent, until we came to the new campaign for the upcoming elections, which, according to the reform of the electoral law, will follow a system of proportional representation on a regional basis. The system which was in force until recently, gave ample opportunity for small parties to win a seat in Parliament, based on the number of votes obtained by party, according to the majority system. With the introduction of stricter rules, who sacrifice much smaller parties, many political movements tremble at the idea that tomorrow will not have any deputy in Parliament, and to agree to this approach increasingly to large coalitions. In this case, on the one hand there are the Reformers, who have put aside past differences to be allied with the Party Democrats, the other is the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), which seeks an agreement with the Socialist Party (PS) of Edi Rama, while maintaining a more clear, namely to participate in a joint election campaign but remain independent of the PS. This is because the LSI does not seem to agree with the agreements made between the PS and Democrats to write the new electoral law. Despite the LSI has ruled out any possibility of alliance with the Socialists, history has shown that when two parties have common interests, as in this case, always tend to come closer, and perhaps to divide it again. Recall that the LSI is a movement born from a rib of the Socialist Party in 2000, after many conflicts and mutual accusations of corruption and complicity with local mafias. On the other hand, the Socialist Party has suffered a rupture inside, that some of its members have decided to leave the structures to create a new party.

Albania Local Elections

For a first impression, it seems that while the right has a greater tendency to compact in order to get to power, the left always tends to divide in its entirety. Now, at the side of right, the noisiest are the Christian Democrats, who are no longer in the Berisha government, to be replaced with allies favorite Republicans. They have launched political scene only a few months ago, the idea of creating even a “federation” of right idea, however, remained pending. In contrast, the scene we move to the left parties who do not know yet where to stay. Among these, there is the Democratic Alliance (PAD) of Neritan Ceka showed that from the beginning some changes in their political position. We recall that even the allies of Ceka, as Prec Zogaj and Arben Imam, have left the PD Reformers like Chicken, to found the PAD, and then return to the side of Berisha. Among other things, a couple of years, the Alliance is working on his own with the left opposition to the right, however, positioning itself as a “right-wing party.”
In conclusion, the long list of political forces that are proposed for new elections, there are parties that are as new, but in reality play and goes from one side and the other to create groups and “steal” Members on both sides. This shows that the Albanian political scene, continues to be even slightly uncertain and unstable, because his party does not know what they want, what to seek and demand the end to have confidence that the electorate will vote the same people, as in these past 17 years of transition.

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